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Home Cylinder Exchange
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Home Cylinder Exchange is a service provided by Shawson Gas where we deliver* cylinders to you. Most "Exchange Services" only fill their 20 lb (BBQ)cylinders to 15 lbs.  For about the same price we deliver a full 20 lb cylinder to you.  Whether you want to exchange your cylinder or buy a spare, let us handle the headache of transporting it for you. 

OR CALL (will provide number later) 8 am – 3 pm Monday – Friday
                                                    8 am – 12 pm Saturday
                                                    closed on Sundays

Buy placing this order I understand that if my 20 lb bottle does not have a valid date, OPD Valve, or is deemed unsafe by Shawson Gas, I will be charged for a used replacement bottle plus a $5.00 disposal fee.  Shawson Gas will not hook up cylinders to residential systems.

*Limited delivery area: Hwy 171 north to Ford Stewart Rd, Hwy 8 west to Vernon Lake Rd, Hwy 8 East to North Fort Rd., HWY 171 South to Entrance Rd, ALL of Fort Polk and The Cities of Leesville & New Llano

Coming Soon!!!!